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A monthly or yearly subscription gives you access to my entire library of short fiction and other great deals.

This website is place to combine my two passions: writing and helping others tell their stories, with all of it powered by your memberships.

If you are wondering who I am, head over to my about page.

What you access as a member:

With a Free Membership:

With a Monthly Subscriptions:

  • The monthly newsletter
  • Access to any new writing, essay, and short stories I share on here.
  • Daily videos. Here are a sample of them.
  • Ebook versions of the Shepherd & Wolfe mysteries.
  • Members-only "office hours." Similar to my time as a writer-in-residence, these are 25 minute sessions for writing help, encouragement, support, or any insight or assistance I can offer.

Annual Subscription or Monthly Subscriptions older than four (4) months will also access:

  • Discount codes to physical editions of a Counios & Gane novel, including discounts on the upcoming Shepherd & Wolfe mysteries.
  • Discount codes on upcoming books I've written.

I also hope to add additional benefits to annual memberships, including:

  • First dibs on tickets to events, talks, and workshops that I plan to run, as well as free tickets to events to my speaking events (when possible).
  • Early access to other future projects.

Are you considering it? Sign up here.

Answers to Possible Questions:

"Why now? You know what's going on out there, right?"

To be honest, it was bad timing. I released this as people were losing their jobs and unemployment skyrocketed. Although a lot of parts had been on the back burner for a while, the world suddenly changed as I prepared to move on it.

"Why is it so expensive?"

I'd been wanting to try different ideas for publishing for a while now, but when I was considering memberships, I realized I had the opportunity to offer something of real value. Not just my content and books, but also reaching out and helping people tell their stories.

I realize this may not be for everyone, but I'm hoping that together we can make something special.

"How easy is it to unsubscribe/cancel my subscription?"

Super easy. Once logged in, click the Account button on the top right. This will take you to all your account info, including status, your plan, start date, next billing date, billing info. At the bottom is the button  Cancel subscription. Click it once and it will switch to Continue subscription.

"Who handles billing?"

Payment is managed through Stripe. Everything is secure. I don't see or get any of your payment information.

"I'm a student and can't afford it, but I really really want to subscribe. Do you have a cheaper plan?"

I was a student once and with no money too. Contact me and we'll sort this out!

"Who is this year's advisory committee for the website?"

The advisory committee gets a one year free membership. Current members are Kate Gane and Trey Stone.

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